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The Mirage Series

The Mirage series explores the role furniture has in exhibiting the objects we display and covet. Through mirrors and tinted glass a series of optical illusions multiply, modify, and elevate the objects that are placed on, in, and near each Mirage piece.

The Mirage Hex Corner is a wall-mounted shelving piece designed to be placed in the corner of a room. The triangulated form creates a kaleidoscope effect with any object placed on the shelves abstracting the line between where the shelf and room ends. The backside comes equipped with a walnut-trimmed integrated cleat that allows for easy attachment to the wall.
The Mirage Tri-Corner is a free-standing display shelf designed to be placed in the corner of a room or on a table top. It's two-way mirror walls creates a semi-transparent, but reflective effect that varies with the room's lighting conditions. The bottom surface is equipped with non-slip feet to protect surfaces below

UV Bonded Mirror, Glass

Hex Corner: L 25" x W 15" x H 30"
Tri-Corner: L 15" x W 15" x H 15"

Made in the Netherlands.

Price may change depending on options below.

This product has a delivery estimate of 6-10 weeks.

Mirage Tri-Corner Mirage Tri-Corner
Mirage Hex Corner Mirage Hex Corner
  • The Mirage Series

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