Bataille, Cross, Deceres, and Koharik

Los Angeles May 16 - June 14, 2024

For Spring 2024 in Los Angeles, The Future Perfect has curated a special story in the Goldwyn House. Bataille, Cross, Deceres, and Koharik features a stunning selection of works from the titular artists – Alejandro Bataille, Jonathan Cross, Deceres Studio, and Jason Koharik. 

Los Angeles-based artist Jason Koharik’s work draws on “the fluid beauty and natural forms of the Art Nouveau period, as well as an effort to create a unique silhouette that occupies space as an anomaly within its interior.” We’ve brought in several pieces of lighting from this highly talented and visionary artist, showcasing his inspired approach to a casual formalism akin to the energetically interpretative work of the early modernists. 

Jonathan Cross will be featured in a special garden activation, wherein his monolithic stone objects will find an easy home for their corporeal profundity. Including new examples of Cross’ instantly recognizable sculptural stonework, our garden will appear to break the ground open, telling a timeless story of geology and craft. Cross has produced a new stone bench, an intelligent play on the classic sofa form. 

Deceres Studio, founded by Denise Martinez and Jorge Arturo Ibarra in 2020, produces designs that are “physical manifestations of their own introspections and often reference elements from their upbringing on the Mexico / California border.” Deceres’ furniture is subtle but rich, displaying a keen understanding of craft and aesthetics, resulting in functional objects that are, at first glance, abstract moments of pure beauty. 

Alejanadro Bataille is a Los Angeles-based artist who creates unique botanical sculptures. These sculptures bend and curve in a way that unifies the artist’s haptic impulse with nature’s indomitable will. A push-and-pull between making and being, gravity and buoyancy, Bataille’s work depicts a horticultural grace that positions art-making as an ecological act. 

Bataille, Cross, Deceres, and Koharik is a vernal dance between four artists, celebrating the changing season and reinvigoration of a world in endless motion. With an opening event that includes the work of Tenshin Juba and features a series of High Fire Matchawan Tea Experiences, Bataille, Cross, Deceres, and Koharik at The Future Perfect’s Goldwyn House is the perfect way to welcome Spring 2024. 

Exhibited Works