Reinaldo Sanguino Dries Van Noten Little House Gallery September 17 - October 13, 2022

A solo exhibition of new work by New York-based artist Reinaldo Sanguino, “De Aca De Alla” As I Remember, is on view now in Los Angeles at Dries Van Noten’s The Little House Gallery. Presented in partnership with The Future Perfect, this exhibition features over 30 new works swathed in rich color and texture.

“De Aca De Alla” As I Remember serves as a dynamic return to the artist’s freeform approach to ceramic sculpture and the experimental processes he has refined over the last decade — from crocheted components embedded in clay, made in collaboration with his aunt, to glazes infused with sawdust and steel-cut oats, to the unconventional use of the artist’s body as a sculpting tool. The expansive exhibition will feature an array of expressive ceramic works, including a series of dome-like wall pieces, textural vessels, functional sculptures, and steel-framed ceramic tables measuring up to six feet-long — the artist’s largest furniture to date.

Central to the pieces on display is Sanguino’s signature playfulness that he imbues in his process — an inherent joy that can be traced back to the artist’s childhood, when he became captivated by his feet’s impressions in clay found on the riverbanks of Venezuela. This childhood play developed into a lifelong fascination with his preferred medium, and with his body as a sculpting tool, now using his elbow, feet, and other parts of his body to ergonomically and intuitively shape clay.

When conceptualizing this body of work, Sanguino returned to his native Venezuela in an effort to bridge this dynamic megalopolitan energy with ancestral craft traditions. The trip became a primary source of inspiration, igniting a desire to create uniquely textured surfaces through new material amalgamations. Mirroring Sanguino’s journey home, the artist’s aunt traveled to New York to collaborate with him on a series of vessels with crocheted textiles embedded in their surfaces. This familial relationship to crochet extends to his grandmother who taught Sanguino how to master the craft — a memory which Sanguino admits is tied to his acceleration of creative experimentation. Sanguino’s intimate relationship to the materials found in his work is intrinsically tied to memory, which the artist acknowledges in the exhibition’s title, “De Aca De Alla” As I Remember.

“De Aca De Alla” As I Remember will be on view from September 17–October 15 at The Little House, located at 463 N La Cienega Blvd.

Exhibited Works: