Design Miami/ Basel 2019

Floris Wubben & Kristin Victoria Barron Basel, Switzerland June 10 - June 16, 2019

The Future Perfect is pleased to present new, limited edition, one-of-a-kind collectible works by designers Floris Wubben and Kristin Victoria Barron at Design Miami/Basel from June 10th-16th, 2019.

For Design Miami/ 2019, Wubben has expanded on his Pressed project, a series of furniture scale works made from extruded ceramic.  The apex of his display is a 3m long dining table that exemplifies his mastery of process and technical ability.  The entire project showcases the artfulness of machine-made works. He will also be expanding on other forms producing new coffee tables, side tables, chairs, a wall shelf, an entry table and so on.  All works are made in Amsterdam and are one-of-a-kind by the nature of how they are produced.

For Design Miami/2019, Kristin Victoria Barron will present The Origin Collection.  A series of 8  one of a kind illuminated ceramic sculptures based on animals she has encountered in her dreams. Each piece was hand built and constructed by the artist herself, in upstate NY, the artist has since moved her studio to Spain where she plans to continue this body of work at a much larger scale.

The Future Perfect’s booth design is inspired by both of the presenting artists. According to Gallery Director Laura Young “It embodies a palette inspired by dark summer nights illuminated only by the moon and the stars. Kristin Victoria Barron’s animals graze at night with their own moons emulated by orbs of light floating above, while Floris Wubben’s collection of large-scale ceramics create reflections of light and space like pools of water in the moonlight.”

“I’m very excited to present an edited display of works in ceramic showing two very different ways of working with the same material.  Wubben utilizes industrial methods to create one-of-a-kind works.  His work is process focused and the scale of the work presents a mastery of his skill with the material and process.  Kristin Victoria Baron’s works are handmade figurative sculpture.  They carry the signature hand of the artist and represent her dreams with figurative animal-like forms.  the display creates unique space for each artists work to be appreciated and understood.”- David Alhadeff