DIMOREMILANO at Casa Perfect New York

Dimoremilano Oct 2021 - Nov 2021



Dimoremilano begets work that pulses with aesthetic sensuality. Replete with wit and tactility, they consistently demonstrate an ability to subtly synthesize materially provocative impulses into something exceptional and rarefied.

Balancing modernism and ornate abundance with a limber musicality, these pieces are physical manifestations of transformative experiences. Graceful, epicurean and tactile, this work coils around the senses and sublimates the individual. Now more widely accessible, Dimoremilano’s collection presents every individual with an outlet for exultation.

Milan-based, Dimorestudio is the luxury interior design firm, founded by American-born Britt Moran and the Italian-born Emiliano Salci. Renowned for their lush aesthetic, their work pulls references from fine art, fashion and industrial practices – and extends from furniture, seating, storage, lighting, decorative works and textiles, to fully realized interiors in retail and hospitality, including Hermes and Fendi.

Born in North Carolina, Britt Moran was exposed to classical furnishings from a young age through a family firm. After studying biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he moved to Milan to teach English before landing in interior design. The studio’s other half, Emiliano Salci, was raised in Arezzo, Tuscany. Salci was also immersed in design as a child, through his father’s modern furniture gallery. After inheriting the family business, he later took an art director position with Giulio Cappellini, working with famed designers Jasper Morrison and Tom Dixon.