DIMOREMILANO at Casa Perfect New York

Dimoremilano Oct 2021 - Nov 2021

Dimoremilano emanates an aura of aesthetic sensuality, weaving together wit and tactility in a harmonious symphony. Their creations deftly synthesize provocative material impulses into exceptional and rarified works of art.

Through a delicate balance of modernism and ornate opulence, Dimoremilano’s pieces exude a fluid musicality, transforming physical encounters into transformative experiences. With their graceful allure, these works of art entice the senses, evoking a sense of epicurean delight and inviting individuals to immerse themselves in a realm of sublimation. Now more widely accessible, Dimoremilano’s collection offers a gateway for every individual to revel in the joyous celebration of beauty.

Headquartered in Milan, Dimorestudio is a luxury interior design firm founded by Britt Moran, an American-born visionary, and Emiliano Salci, an Italian-born creative force. Renowned for their lush aesthetic, their work draws inspiration from diverse realms such as fine art, fashion, and industrial practices. Their creative prowess spans furniture, seating, storage, lighting, decorative pieces, textiles, and fully realized interior designs for esteemed brands like Hermes and Fendi.

Britt Moran, hailing from North Carolina, was immersed in the world of classical furnishings from a young age through his family’s firm. After pursuing a biology degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he ventured to Milan, initially teaching English before finding his true passion in interior design. Emiliano Salci, the other half of the studio, grew up in Arezzo, Tuscany, surrounded by design thanks to his father’s modern furniture gallery. Taking over the family business, Salci later assumed the role of art director at Giulio Cappellini, collaborating with renowned designers such as Jasper Morrison and Tom Dixon.

Dimoremilano’s creative journey is a testament to the fusion of diverse influences, the pursuit of exceptional craftsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of artistic expression. Their works invite us to transcend the ordinary and embrace a world of refined beauty and unbridled imagination.