John Hogan & Ladies & Gentlemen May 2016 - Jul 2016


The new Equalizer series is a customizable system of metal framework with illuminated glass that elevates lighting to illuminated sculpture. Designed to be scaled and composed according to different spatial conditions, the system also acts as a divider in open floor plans to define space through light.

The Equalizer series will be available in a standard version with satin-colored glass, as well as a special edition featuring hand-blown by artist John Hogan. The specialty glass blown by Hogan will change color according to lighting conditions and viewing angles.

The Equalizer utilizes LED lights, which are diffused by the matte glass finish and appear to float in the globe when illuminated. The majority of the works in the Equalizer series are hanging lights, though a special floor light variation with table and directional reading lights will also be on view. The Equalizer series will be available in three metal finishes: dusty blue, champagne bronze, and dark bronze.

The collaboration activates Hogan’s in-depth exploration of the glass medium and how it relates to Ladies & Gentlemen Studio’s experiments in lighting, form, and spatial experience. Additional glass sculptures by Hogan will also be on view as part of the installation.