Jane Yang-D’Haene in San Francisco

Jane Yang-D'Haene San Francisco Jan 2023 - Feb 2023

Jane Yang-D’Haene’s newest body of work represents a further investigation into the relationship between her hand and the history embedded in the objects she produces. Perfectly matched to the understated aura of our San Francisco gallery, D’Haene’s vessels possess the rare ability to effortlessly elicit a meditative visual experience from the viewer.

Yang-D’Haene’s moon jars confront the formal boundaries of their medium. Though derived from tradition, her pieces are distinctly unconventional. Her creative process embraces imperfection with intention, working to capture its aesthetic value. She expands upon the anomalies of form and color historically created during firing, a process that leaves much to chance. The work also points towards the balance created between the various opposing forces at play in her process.

Perfect for the calming profundity of winter in Northern California, this body of work will be on view at The Future Perfect’s San Francisco gallery through March 17.

Exhibited Works: