Jane Yang-D’Haene

Jane Yang-D'Haene New York Sep 2022 - Oct 2022

Experience the works of Brooklyn based artist Jane Yang-D’Haene, on view now at The Future Perfect’s New York gallery. In this body of work, Yang-D’Haene displays the prolific result of her intensive and thoroughly researched ceramics practice.  


Yang-D’Haene produces one-of-a-kind vessels that are informed by the textural and physical characteristics of the natural environment, and inspired by the minimalist forms of traditional South Korean pottery. Combining the languages of art and design through a meticulous process of hand crafting, her work appears as an inevitably of its surroundings, while speaking with a distinct and unique voice. 


After attending Cooper Union for architecture, Yang-D’Haene worked as an interior designer for 12 years at a major architectural firm. With the birth of her daughter, Anais, she then created a successful children’s clothing brand, Anais & I, which she ran for eight years. She began working in ceramic in 2016. As with her previous artistic endeavors, Yang-D’Haene passionately pursued the technique and knowledge of ceramic arts. Inspired by her background, her work embodies a playful balance between art and design.


With her newest body of work, Yang-D’Haene embraces the textural complexity of her material, allowing for elaborate moments of compositional elaboration within each vessel. Using archetypal forms that vary in color and pattern, these works create an ambient narrative that fills the space and is experienced atmospherically. Make an appointment to see these works through October 20.