Jonathan Cross

Jonathan Cross Los Angeles Dec 2020



The Future Perfect is excited to present you with a bold new direction in the already captivating body of work by ceramicist Jonathan Cross. Those already familiar with Cross’ ceramics will immediately recognize his distinctive style and will be thrilled to see how he has recently expanded his vocabulary to include exciting new forms and unexpected forays into much more ambitious approaches to scale.


Jonathan Cross is an American ceramicist, with both an eponymous studio in Los Angeles and a wood kiln in the desert community of Twentynine Palms, CA. Known for his use of ancient wood-firing technique – his singular, imposing work spans sculptures, furniture and vessels.
Merging sculpture and utility – Cross’ newest collection of stools,  side tables and sculptures resemble ancient geological forms reinterpreted for a modern world. A departure from his typical scale, these works draw on visual inspiration from artists such as Richard Serra. His work is now on view at Casa Perfect Los Angeles.

Available Works: