Christian Woo San Francisco Oct 2020


The Future Perfect is proud to present the latest body of work by Vancouver based artist Christian Woo. 

Inspired by and named for his eldest daughter, The Noga Series recalls the forms of wooden blocks with which she would play – “I found the simplicity and honesty of the shapes compelling,” says Woo in reference to his daughter’s compositions. Observing the boldness and naivety of how she would place shapes on shapes, Woo explored the idea in his studio, simply refining the placement and scale of the work.

The wooden blocks – having survived years of child’s play before his daughter – serve as a metaphor for permanence and craft: a reminder that simple, beautiful things are enduringly appealing. The pieces in this series are crafted from solid hardwood and shaped or lathe-turned by hand, before being meticulously hand-oiled – a process that offers a bespoke finish every time.

Influenced further by his daughter’s intrigue of the natural world, the Caterpillar Bench is a playful take on Woo’s stark, minimalist approach, featuring cylindrical lathe-turned hardwood seats against a support plane backrest. This handcrafted piece is an evolution of the studio’s Column Series seating.

The Noga Series is now on view in our San Francisco gallery.

Available Works: