Bec Brittain October 18 - November 30, 2017

There is a great resolve in Bec Brittain’s new work, it has a harmony. Seen in the repetition and layering of light and glass, these new pieces created specifically for The Future Perfect has both a poetic rhythm and a sense of permanence and purpose. The work presented in Resolute has grounding, each piece created as an architectural response, intended for site specific installations and larger scale commissions. Building on her lauded SHY series, light sources become partially obscured, reflected or adorned by mirrors and colored glass.

The Resolute series, commissioned by The Future Perfect, is Bec Brittain’s first solo show with the gallery since 2013, and our first time showing new work from her in New York. Characterized by a new sense of confidence, Brittain’s work is at once harmonious and instinctive.
Resolute’s highly versatile and immersive components rise from floor to wall, and ceiling to floor, offering an infinite number of variations and installation options. “I hope that the pieces show that the work can really interact with and carve out space,” explains Brittain. “These pieces show that we can create space dividing screens, climb up walls and corners, while all the time being sculptural. These pieces aim to show that the installation can be more than the sum of its parts.”



Considered one of the lighting world’s most galvanizing new talents, Bec Brittain has become a favorite of top designers and architects around the world. Most known for her otherworldly pendant lights, including Vise, Echo and Skyhooks, her fertile imagination has produced a body of work distinguished by its luxurious finishes and conceptual dynamism.

Bec Brittain’s SHY Light, released in 2011, has already achieved the status of an icon. The piece, which can be put together in myriad configurations, exemplifies the studio’s bold architectural appeal with thin strips of L.E.D. lights paired with elegant brass and aluminum hardware. No shrinking violet, SHY is available as chandeliers, sconces, table and floor lamps as part of the Bec Lighting series.

Bec Brittain has always been drawn to design and its belief systems. She studied product design at Parsons University and Philosophy at NYU and then received a degree in architecture from the Architectural Association in London. Later, she returned to New York for a job with esteemed firm WorkAC, where she gravitated towards designing and producing exceptional door hardware. Sparked with a passion for smaller scale production and the design of sumptuous hardware, in 2008 she became the Design Director for acclaimed lighting designer Lindsay Adelman.

Brittain’s own firm was established in 2011 and was immediately recognized for its precision, sense of luxury and adept use of innovative production. Since the success of her original SHY Light, Brittain has conceptualized and produced several more pieces and product lines, reflecting her ongoing emphasis of the nexus of architecture, technology, and metalworking. Produced in New York with a tight-knit team of collaborators, the company’s material palette includes hand-blown glass, resin, mirrored surfaces, and metals such as nickel and polished brass.

Exhibited Works