Roger Coll 2.0

Roger Coll New York October 8 - October 22, 2020

We are delighted to present the extraordinary ceramic sculptures of Roger Coll, a highly acclaimed artist whose innovative approach to the medium has garnered international recognition. Coll’s works, featured in the esteemed publication ‘New Wave Clay: Ceramic Design, Art and Architecture,’ offer a fresh and contemporary perspective on ceramic sculpture. With a fluidity and fluency reminiscent of vector graphics, his pieces transcend traditional boundaries and embark on an artistic exploration of organic lines and forms.

Originally from Barcelona, Roger Coll’s multidisciplinary background in architecture, sculpture, and ceramics informs his unique artistic vision. After training at renowned institutions such as ETSA University La Salle Barcelona and EASD Llotja Barcelona, he established his ceramic studio in 2009, marking the beginning of a remarkable artistic journey.

Coll’s sculptures embody a dynamic topology that engages both inherent qualities and reactive interactions. They effortlessly navigate through space, responding intuitively to the viewer’s presence and movement. While each piece possesses a distinctive and intricate character, they seamlessly integrate within their environment, establishing a harmonious dialogue with the space they inhabit.

We are honored to showcase the latest creations by this singular artist. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Roger Coll’s newest works firsthand at Casa Perfect New York, where his exhibition will be on display until October.

Exhibited Works