2022 Salon Art + Design Fair

Nov 2022

For Salon Art + Design 2022, The Future Perfect is showcasing some of the most engaging artists from our roster: Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Karl Zahn, Eric Roinestad, Reinaldo Sanguino, John Hogan, Chris Wolston, Floris Wubben, FreelingWaters, and Claudy Jongstra. We have specially curated this presentation with regard to the unique character of the works included.


Under the canopy of the Park Avenue Armory’s magnificent and historical architecture, we have endeavored to make a world within a world. Claudy Jongstra’s one-of-a-kind, natural wool rug complements the Oro Dining Table and Chairs from Chris Wolston, graced with a stunning overhead fixture from Karl Zahn in a perfect harmony of material and space. The dual 60” Geology Mirrors from Chen Chen & Kai Williams provide an anchor across the booth, highlighting new ceramics from Eric Roinestad and Floris Wubben. FreelingWaters’ Anderson Cabinet and John Hogan’s cast glass works complete this truly special group of artists. 


Visit The Future Perfect in booth D7 through Monday, November 14th at the Park Avenue Armory. You don’t want to miss this moment.

exhibited works: