Seungjin Yang 2022

Seungjin Yang Los Angeles Aug 2022 - Oct 2022

Seungjin Yang’s artistic expression resides within a captivating aesthetic continuity that captivates and enthralls. Through the use of universally recognizable balloon imagery and the extraction of forms from childhood memories, his acclaimed Blowing series beckons viewers to engage physically with the realm of the purely hypothetical. In these new works, Yang continues his exploration of a distinctive reality defined by vibrant colors and the intriguing stability of seemingly pliable materials.

With the balloon as a common denominator, Yang’s creations forge a connection between the tangible and the hypothetical. They invite us to venture beyond the boundaries of conventional perception and embrace a unique realm of existence. Within this realm, bold colors flourish, and seemingly pliable materials unveil their surprising stability, challenging our preconceived notions of form and function.

Seungjin Yang’s art invites us to question the limits of our own imagination and engage with the transformative power of creativity. It is through his distinctive visual language that he guides us on a journey of discovery, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the hypothetical becomes tangible.

By lending credibility to the logic of dreams and transforming the surreal into tangible objects, Yang’s creations encapsulate the essence of longing and imagination. These works become vessels for the life force of the imagination, intertwining it with functionality and permanence. Interacting with these pieces is an invitation to activate an alternative reality that exists in the liminal space between past and present, fantasy and reality.

Growing up surrounded by the majesty of mountains in Korea, Seungjin Yang’s artistic journey has been shaped by his encounters with people rather than environmental or cultural influences. With a BA from Hongik University, Yang places great emphasis on learning, communication, and collaboration, finding inspiration in the human connections he forges throughout his artistic process.

Experience the mesmerizing world of Seungjin Yang’s artistic vision, where imagination takes tangible form. Allow yourself to be captivated by the enduring allure of his works, which bridge the realms of past and present, fantasy and reality. This exhibition, at The Future Perfect’s newly opened Los Angeles gallery – The Goldwyn House, is on view though October 2022. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this captivating work firsthand.

Exhibited Works