Seungjin Yang 2022

Seungjin Yang Los Angeles Aug 2022 - Oct 2022


Seungjin Yang’s work lives inside of an aesthetic continuity that is as immediately identifiable as it is ceaselessly compelling. Using the universally recognizable signifier of the balloon, and deriving forms from childhood memories, Seungjin’s acclaimed Blowing series invites the viewer to physically engage with the purely hypothetical. These new works continue the artist’s ongoing exploration of a unique reality that is typified by bold colors and the pleasantly surprising stability of seemingly pliable materials. 

Lending credibility to dream logic and making the surreal into something tangible, these new works preserve the longing of imagination, embedding it as a life force in what are ultimately usable and immutable objects. To interact with these works is to activate an alternate reality that exists between past and present, fantasy and reality.

Seungjin Yang grew up in Korea surrounded by mountains. He received a BA from Hongik University in 2013. He is inspired by ‘people’ whom he works with, rather than environmental or cultural ideas, putting more weight on learning, communicating and collaborating.
Seungjin started with his simple interest in unexpected forms of balloons that are randomly defined at time of being blown. He has been using balloons as base material to produce solid crafts. Balloon is the easiest to manipulate the volume while it contains unexpectedness of being mass-y and solid opposite to assumptions on its original quality that is rather weak and soft. In his recent work, he is trying to extend through more playful colors and experimental forms. His recent projects include group exhibitions at Kumho Museum, Museum of Cultures Milano, DDP, Seoul Museum of Art, and international projects such as XXl Triennale di Milano, and Design Days Dubai. He currently lives and works in Seoul.

Exhibited Works