Primary Data

Ian Collings Los Angeles Jul 2021 - Aug 2021

We are proud to present Primary Data, an exhibition of new works from sculptor Ian Collings.

For this exhibition, Collings has produced a body of work that bifurcates his interests into specialized areas of study. Collings has a singular and undeniable understanding of materiality as an exercise in impermanence. His sculptures are like small monoliths that document the transitory hand and body that passes through matter, as matter passes through time. They are moveable mountains which, having been shaped into a unique dialect of abstraction, call into question the point at which something is truly “made.” They are things that at once appear to have always been and to have been specifically called into existence the moment they are seen.

Collings’ furniture represents an extension of his prowess as a sculptor. These pieces engage in a dialectical understanding of object construction as a substantive and transitory process. Treating the materials as a set of “primary data”, Collings compiles raw, metamorphosed information taken from the earth into synthesized forms that are recognizable as functional objects. 

His wall mounted pieces specifically take into account the underrated ability of stone to be something light, not necessarily heavy or massive. These pieces employ forms that are loosely diagrammatic and articulate at highly intentional points. Akin to maps, they serve as a structural cartography of the process by which they are produced.

Primary Data is now on view at Casa Perfect Los Angeles.



Exhibited Work