Paul Salet Side Chair 01

Paul Salet’s series of wooden chairs are meditative and otherworldly. They are the work of a true artist. Each chair is essentially a recomposition, constructed from found and existing pieces. In the words of Salet, “I liberate the chair within the chair.”

Salet’s SOURIS style, created by carving and sculpting, draws inspiration from the factory of his grandfather, who produced the highest quality solid oak furniture from 1919 up to 1980. Many of Salet’s chairs also employ oak, a wood known for its strength and nobility. Others are created from teak that was handcrafted by artisans in Indonesia.

In many respects, Salet’s singular chairs transcend their humble quotidian roots. Ethereal, striking and truly one-of-a-kind, each chair offers a sense of liberation and lightness. They are “completely in touch with the roots, the forest where it all started.”


W 16" x D 19.5" x H 36.5"

Seat height: 19"

  • Paul Salet Side Chair 01

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