David Taylor

David Taylor was born in Scotland in 1966, today he works as a craftsman/artist based in Stockholm. After graduating from Konstfack 1999 David Taylor starting his own company and has received several accolades for his work. The prestigious RED DOT Award in 2003 and 2006. The Marianne & Sivgard Bernadottes Art Grant, The Swedish Arts Councils 5 yr Stipend. David Taylor exhibits and lectures regularly both at home and abroad, and his work work is represented in several important collections such as Röhsska Museum, The National Museum of Sweden and Germanys Design Zentrum in Nordrheim.
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In his own words David Taylor design is: “…the continuation of an old crafts tradition, the work of the silversmith has focused more on effect than function, where the visual impact created by a piece is paramount, superseding its apparent use. A silver tea service for example is more of a statement than an implement, made to portray a visual image of who it’s owners are and their social position. I use this approach when making work and despite the importance of function it is not at the top of my agenda. “
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    Konstfack, Stockholm Master of Fine Art, Metal Design

    solo exhibitions
    “ON A GREATER SCALE” BERG Gallery, Stockholm 2016
    “ALL OF THE ABOVE”  The Future Perfect, New York, USA 2015
    “Taking Shape” SODA Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey 2015
    “GREY AREA” Hafnarborg Art Center, Reykjavik, Iceland 2015
    “OFF THE WALL” The NWBLK, San Francisco 2014
    “David Taylor”, Sofiero Palace, Helsingborg 2012
    “MADE BY:”, Eskilstuna Konstmuseum, Eskilstuna 2012
    “Walk The Walk”, Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm 2011
    “Consumed”, Nutida Svenskt Silver, Stockholm 2009
    “Special Guest”, Galleri Pascale, Stockholm 2008
    “david taylor”, Eskilstuna Konstmuseum, Eskilstuna 2006
    “DTHK”, Nutida Svenskt Silver, Stockholm 2000
    “I was There”, Nutida Svenskt Silver, Stockholm 2003
    “Twoality”, Agata, Stockholm 2000

    public work:
    “FYR” Meetingplace, Norra Kajen, Sundsvall, 2018                                                                                                      “System Change” Lighting Sculpture for Linköpings University Hospital 2016                                                             “Entries” 3 Lighting Sculptures for “Limkakan” in Gubbängen Stockholm, 2010
    “Capsule” Seating Object for Östermalmstorg Tube Station in Stockholm, 2010
    “Carousel” Seating Object for Östermalmstorg Tube Station in Stockholm, 2009
    “Convoy” Lighting Sculpture for the Swedish Permanent Mission to the EU in Brussels, 2008

    group exhibitions:                                                                                                                                                                        

    2018                                                                                                                                    “METALL+METALL” Steneby konsthall

    “ORGAN” BERG Gallery, Stockholm”
    “Natural Elements Meet Lustrous Futurism” Atelier Meraki, Paris
    “Next Level Crafts”, Institut suédois, Paris
    “Korpus Maximus” Gallery Sebastian Schildt, Stockholm

    “Soul of A Bowl” Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm
    “POP_In” Projektcontainern National Museum, Stockholm

    “Body Alchemy” Hangzhou Contemporary International Jewelry and Metal Art Triennial China
    “Soul Of A Bowl” Gallery Vogoze, Seoul Korea
    “FETISHISM Obsessions in Fashion and Design” Trapholt Kunstmuseum, Denmark
    “Modern Hantverk” Konsthall Märsta, Sweden
    “LAGOMLAND” Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein, Munich, Germany                                                                                                                                                                           2014
    “Design In Full Colour” KLOKGEBOUW Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    COLLECT, The Saatchi Galleri, London represented by Sebastian Schildt +
    Dubai Design Days, Dubai, represented by Galleri Gosserez

    “Highlights” Gallery Montan, Copenhagen
    PAD London, represented by Galleri Gosserez
    “MAKE ROOM” by The American Craft Council, San Francisco, USA
    “Curated by Monqi” Koperhuis Gallery, Ghent, Belgium
    “En Kubik” travelling exhibition by the Swedish Art Society Council
    “O come Origami”, Spotti Showroom, Milan, Italy

    “Contemporary Collected” Midori.so, Tokyo, Japan
    “8 From Sweden” Gallery Montan, Copenhagen, Denmark
    “THENWBLK” THENWBLK Gallery, San Francisco, USA
    “Meet My Project” Le Lieu du Design, Paris, France
    “100 Innovations” The Technical Museum, Stockholm
    “Fare Lume” Museo Poldi Prezzoli, Milan, Italy
    “Pavillon des Arts et du Design”, Paris, France
    “Hallingdal 65” Jil Sanders Showroom, Milan, Italy
    “KH+” Östermalmstorg Tube Station, Stockholm

    “20 Designers” Biological Museum, Stockholm
    “Skimrande Silver” National Museum Stockholm
    “KHV60” Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm
    “Swedish Love Stories” Superstudio Pu, Milan, Italy
    “Signerat” Form and Design Center, Malmö
    “Just Swedish Metal” Tong-In Gallery, Seoul, Korea

    “BeenThere Done That” Konsthantverkarna Stockholm
    “LINGAM” Catharijne Convent, Utrecht, Holland
    “DESIGNU 2010” Museum of Architecture, Stockholm
    “Half Dozen” Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm
    “KONSTSLÖJDSALONGEN 2010” Museum of Architecture, Stockholm

    “Hit My Eye” Gustavsbergs Konsthall
    “Lingam 09” Vita Havet Konstfack. Pinakothek Der Moderne in Munich
    “Sakernas Tillstånd” Kulturhuset Stockholm
    “Schoonhoven Silver Award” Design Museum, Gent, Belgium
    “KONSTSLÖJDSALONGEN 2009” Rhösska Museum, Gothenberg
    “NANO” Studio 44, Stockholm

    “Stockholm J´aime” Gallery Pascale Stockholm
    “Amber & What To Do With It” Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm
    “NICE 08” Bluecoat Display Center, Liverpool, England

    “Swedish Modern” Gallery SoStockholm, Stockholm
    “Love Signs”, Platina, Stockholm
    “70X70” Swedish Form Society, Stockholm
    “Five Centuries of Swedish Silver” Travelling exhibition curated by Rhösska Museum, New York, San Francisco, Ottawa and Shanghai
    “Funky” Gallery Norsu, Helsinki, Finland
    “Tendenser 07” Galleri F15. Moss Norge
    “Skål & Korg” Gallery Pascale, Stockholm

    “Konsthantverkarna loves LOD”, Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm

    “Concept Design”, National Museum, Stockholm
    “Formbart” Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm
    “100 Thoughts” National Exhibitions travelling exhibition
    “Kraft” Gula Byggningen, Gustavsberg
    “LOD loves Tokyo” Swedish Style Tokyo at La Une Tokyo Japan

    “One Each”, The Culture House, Stockholm
    “Modern 40 Years” Rhösska Museum, Gteborg

    “Bearable”, Vidamuseum, land
    “SOFA”, reprisented by Gallery Tactus, Chicago USA

    “Exploring Metal”, Gallery Sculpture to Wear, Los Angeles USA
    “LOD”, Gallery Singidinum, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
    “Golden Heritage”, The Historical Museum, Stockholm
    “LOD breaks new Ground”, Gallery Moroten, Stockholm

    “Classic 2001” Kortrijk, Belgien
    “David Taylor Pia Koskela” Duo exhibition Gallery Moroten, Stockholm with Illustrator Pia Koskela
    “Think If” Communication Objects for the Future. Design Experiments commisioned by TeliaSonera, for the Telemuseum, Stockholm

    “Design Mission 2000”, Agata, Stockholm
    “Urban Ascetisism”, Rhösska Museum, Gothenburg. Vesterlanske Kunstindustimuseum Bergen. GalleryRam, Oslo and The Culture House, Stockholm.

    “Spring Exhibition”, Konstfack, Stockholm
    Swedish Furniture Center ’99, Stockholm
    “To The Table”, Kongsberg Museum, Norway

    “Future Form”, The Royal Palace, Stockholm
    “LiturgieGefäße”, 2 year travelling exhibition, Germany, Austria
    “Forum for Form”, Skeppsbron, Stockholm
    “Forum for Fashion”, Skeppsholms Church, Stockholm

    Örnsbergsauktionen 2017
    Workshop leader for “HDK Masters at Mellösaverken” 2017
    Örnsbergsauktionen 2016
    Workshop leader for “HDK Masters at Mellösaverken” 2016
    Guest Lecturer at the Kookmin University in Seoul, Korea 2015
    Guest Lecturer at EWHA woman University in Seoul, Korea 2015
    Artist In Residence, The NWBLK, San Francisco 2014
    Guest Speaker, Konstcafé i Norr, Luleå, 2013
    Guest Lecturer at HDK, University of Design and Crafts, in Gothenberg, 2012
    Pecha Kucha at The Heineken Design Bar during Milan Design Week 2012
    Pecha Kucha at Berns Salonger in Stockholm, 2011
    Guest Speaker at “Been There Done That” seminar hosted by IASPIS 2010
    Guest Speaker for KHVC at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2009
    Designer of the 2009 DesignNu Prize
    Guest Teacher Rhode Island School of Design Rhode Island, USA, 2008
    Guest Lecturer, State University of New York, New Paltz, USA, 2008
    Workshop leader, Viensavahn Craft Village, Vientiane, Laos 2008
    Invited Artist “The Kaliningrad Amber Project”, 2008
    Pecha Kucha at Berns Salonger in Stockholm, 2008
    Guest Speaker at “Designer Saturday”, Lammhult 2007
    Guest Speaker at Salon Pascale, Stockholm 2007
    Workshop leader, Viensavahn Craft Village, Vientiane, Laos 2006-7
    Guest speaker Koru2 International Jewellery Symposium, Lappeenranta, Finland. 2006
    Workshop leader for “See the Light”, Centre for Creative Industries, Macau, China 2004
    Workshop leader for “Traditions”, Belgrade University of Art, 2002

    IASPIS Travel Grant for New York 2015
    IASPIS Travel Grant for South Korea 2015
    The Swedish Arts Councils 5 year working Stipendium 2013
    The Residence Magazine “Craftsman of the Year” Award 2013
    IASPIS Travel Grant for South Korea 2011
    The Swedish Arts Councils 2 year working Stipendium 2008
    EDIDA/ELLE Interior Design Award 2006 for table lamp Glasgow
    Red Dot Design Award 2006 for the lamp F-Air
    Nominated for German Federations National Design Prize 2004
    Marianne & Sigvard Bernadottes Artists Fund 2004
    The Craftsmans Friends Award 2004
    The Swedish Arts Councils 2 year working Stipendium 2003
    Red Dot Design Award 2003 for cutlery pattern Tól
    “Seed of Development” Bo01 Honours Prize for the Home Environment 1999
    The First Nordic St. Johannis Lodges Jubileefond. Free Mason Stipendium 1999
    The German Lithurgical Institute Design Award 1st. Prize 1999
    Svedbom & Co. Jubilee Design Award 1st. Prize 1998