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Reinaldo Sanguino

Reinaldo Sanguino is a Venezuelan-born artist and ceramicist based in New York City. Marrying modern and traditional aesthetics, he creates startling, directional pieces that reference New York City’s ineffable energy. Approached as unique pieces of art, Sanguino’s porcelain objects - including his much coveted stools - enliven a range of interior spaces.

Reinaldo Sanguino moved to New York in 1993 after graduating from School of Visual Arts Cristobal Rojas in Caracas, Venezuela. Sanguino, whose work touches on history and modern socio-political issues, developed his technique out of an interest in Meissen porcelain and its role in European history. Through his singular works Sanguino aims to create a dialogue that resonates with collectors.

Ephemera, including knick knacks, postcards and photographs, inspire Reinaldo Sanguino. The artist also draws heavily on the deeper meaning of objects and the relationship between people and gifts to influence his graphic, easily identifiable style. Sanguino’s eye is drawn to texture, color and malleable materials.

Notable works include his pieces “BS Tarzan,” “Red Bowl,” and “Ma-S, Twice,” which is a piece that combines visual imagery and mixed media to convey Reinaldo Sanguino’s prolific and outspoken style. From crochet elements and antique lace to images of Curious George, “Ma-S, Twice” has a mixed material quality that draws from diverse storytelling tactics and techniques to create a singular, textural piece.

His “Gods and Designer” series includes specific pieces that also convey his message including a sculpture crown, which deals with the influences of social class on art and culture. Concerned with portraying the artist’s thoughts on class in contemporary life, the piece incorporates imagery from well-known designer brands such as Tiffany & Co. and Hermes. Such references - traditional signs of power - are used to demonstrate how the audience’s idea of wealth has changed over time.

Reinaldo Sanguino’s highly collectible work has been on display at the Sultan Gallery as part of the Dean Project New York, the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City, Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas, the MINT Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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