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Glithero is a British Dutch design company created by designers Tim Simpson and Sarah van Gameren, which specializes in industrial design, furniture and artistic installations. Bridging the worlds of art and design, the studio is dedicated to pushing the envelope between product creation and performance art with works that engage the imagination and reinvent the confines of modern art.

Simpson and van Gameren met while studying at the Royal College of Art under the direction of Ron Arad. Later, in 2008, they founded their studio in London. With an evolved all-encompassing design philosophy, Simpson and van Gameren began producing works that combined two great mediums: innovative design and experimental construction, which resulted in everything from creative performances to singular products.

Highly successful pieces from the duo include their strung wick wax chandeliers, pouring slide polyconcrete table, organ music designed textiles, and Blueware vases that reacted to the exposure to UV ray light. These unique products were on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and featured their botanical printed patterns - derived from a painstaking two and a half year process that was the result of pressed weed plants, photosensitive chemicals, and the cyanotype printing process.

From plaster to concrete, Simpson and van Gameren’s playful approach to art and design has made them industry darlings, with shows including London Design Week and the “Lost Time” installation at Design Miami, influenced by Gaudi's perfect curve experimentations for champagne magnate Pierre-Jouët. By constructing beaded chains in artful loops over a pool of water, the pair reflected art nouveau themes in a thoroughly modern installation that used darkened lighting, reflective pools, and dangling structures to mirror the bubbles of champagne.

The studio produces daring pieces that involve constant experimentation and scientific excellence. Glithero’s creative discipline of tweaking materials and achieving a sense of transformation is complex, effective and always groundbreaking. Between designer pieces and ephemeral installations, the Glithero approach is one of infinite possibilities, streamlined craftsmanship, and unparalleled artistry.

Glithero has shown at Nilufar Gallery in Milan, Gallery Fumi in London, Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Experimenta in Lisbon, VIVID Gallery in Rotterdam, Design Miami, PAD London, Tory Burch, Design Basel, and Boisbuchet Workshop, and has been featured in Dezeen Magazine, Wallpaper*, Sight Unseen, T Magazine, and more.
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