VIDIVIXI, whose name translates to “I Saw and I’ve lived.” in Latin is a response to the designers’
experiences. Their ethos celebrate “the vogue of modern living.”, a nod to the world created when vintage ,classic and modern lifestyles collide. VIDIVIXI finds interest in all movements in design by exploring ways to create timeless objects that thrive in diverse surroundings. It is not just about the object and furniture, but about the world created around these pieces. When Mark Grattan relocating the brand to Mexico City, he met his business partner, Adam Caplowe. Mexico has aorded Grattan the precious space—mentally, physically, and financially—to crystallizeVIDIVIXI’s footing in the design industry as an ascendant purveyor of seductive and highly sophisticated furniture infused with sumptuous materiality and global craftsmanship. Perhaps the brand’s most recognizable piece is the Docked en Rio platform bed, which features curved cotton modules that support a walnut frame—a reference to traditional Japanese furniture and an unmistakable statement piece. Together with Adam, his studio partner, who manages the studio while Grattan serves as creative director, the company’s output has risen to new levels of composure with its new physical space and accompanying showroom collection.
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