Galanter & Jones

Galanter & Jones is a San Francisco based design and fabrication studio operated by the brother and sister team of Aaron and Miranda Jones. In 2013, the studio introduced its uniquely ingenious line of heated outdoor seating, the first product of its kind and a revolutionary and elegant alternative to traditional outdoor heating methods such as heat lamps or fire pits. The cast concrete seating is pebble-smooth and warm; the surface feeling like a large, accommodating rock that’s been left out in the sun and retained its heat.
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The Jones siblings were raised in Montana surrounded by the outdoors. Aaron studied architecture and regional planning at the University of Arizona. In 2010, he moved to San Francisco to be close to his sister who was working as a style editor for iconic West Coast publication Sunset Magazine. Aaron worked in the design-build field.

Life in picturesque Northern California, with its often-unpredictable weather, provided the impetus for Galenter & Jones. In 2012, Aaron was working on a backyard design for a client and sought to create an outdoor seating area with warmth that would be suitable for the chilly San Francisco weather. A fire pit was not possible and he did not wish to use unsightly heat lamps, so he designed and created a one-off bench that would provide built-in heat. The innovative concept worked so well that he decided to pursue the concept full time and formed Galanter and Jones with Miranda.

Jones spent almost a year working on the concept and design. He had been interested in cast concrete for some time given its durability and versatility for lightweight structures. In April 2013, Galanter and Jones launched its first model of Galanter and Jones outdoor heated furniture, the Helios - a modern curvilinear cast-concrete outdoor sofa with embedded radiant heating. The product heats a person’s core by warming the blood that circulates through the body, similar to the experience of a hot tub. The idea is to heat your core by warming the blood that circulates through your body,” he has said. By contrast, traditional outdoor heaters must be extremely hot to send enough heat across distances of cool air, an inefficient and resource intensive method. An outdoor heater has a limited scope of distribution, which may mean a person’s head is too hot while their legs are still cold.

Galanter & Jones places as much emphasis on aesthetics as it does technical innovation. Aaron and Miranda both find inspiration in mid-century modern design with clean, elegant lines imbued by a sense of warmth. The firm has since added its Evia Series model inspired by the classic leather sling chair. They opened a showroom in San Francisco’s South of Market area, and have undertaken a variety of custom projects for commercial, residential and hospitality venues, including the Flora Grubb Gardens, the Embarcadero Center and the San Francisco Decorator Showcase.

The studio has been featured in a variety of publications including Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Dwell, SFGate, Cottages and Gardens, Homedit, Design by Thesis and Sunset. The Helios Lounge was chosen at San Francisco Magazine's Best of the Bay in 2013. The studio was a Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Design Finalist; earned the Dwell on Design 2015 Award in outdoor furniture; and was selected by San Francisco Design Week to represent the new generation of Californian design at the 2016 Dubai Design Week show.
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