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E.R. Butler & Co.

E.R. Butler & Co is a hardware manufacturing company with showrooms in New York, Milan, and Boston that prides itself on the meticulous manufacturing tradition it has been known for since 1990. From exquisite jewel toned hinges to intricate locks, the company has emerged as a design force - not only a creator and manufacturer, but a distributor of its own products and those of the highly crafted artisans who work with them. Combining centuries-old tradition with modern, sensual design, E.R. Butler & Co. stands alone in the industry for its exceptional craftsmanship.

Starting at Rice University while he was still an architecture student, E.R. Butler began the company with hardware restoration as its central focus. As the son of an antique’s dealer, the love and respect for hardware was something Butler learned from an early age. He was cleaning and restoring pieces by the age of twelve, often completely taking apart works to restore, refurbish, and recreate them. From restoring metalworks to dismantling roofs off of classic buildings, his expertise for restoring interiors and exteriors is as much a learned skill as a family tradition.

For the first ten years of business, E.R. Butler focused on doing the impossible: standardizing mechanical systems. This technical polishing kept Butler from designing, but it allowed for his business to become streamlined; now any piece in any of his showrooms can be matched and perfectly integrated to suit a client’s house.

After the system renovation, E.R. Butler & Co. moved to creating and designing pieces around the functionality and necessity of hardware. Becoming the main role of the company, E.R. Butler & Co. began creating the delicate and exacting pieces demanded by the industry. Currently the company offers everything from architectural hardware like thumb turns, key escutcheons, lanterns, porcelain, paperweights, push plates, shutter hardware and cabinet pulls, to classical collections from Louis XVI Regency to Empire Directoire and Pebbles design.

E.R. Butler & Co. designers include Ted Muehling, Lindsey Adelman, Maria Beaulieu, Commune, Philip Crangi, Paul DeBlassie, Deborah Ehrlich, Erie Basin, Ruth Gurvich, John Iverson, Lee M. Hale, Hella Jongerius, Gabriella Kiss, Christopher Kurtz, Chris Lehrecke, Darcy Miro, Haley Alexander von Oosten, and PELLE.
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