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Georg Jensen

The name George Jensen represents more than a century of exceptional modern design. The iconic brand – synonymous with luxurious Scandinavian infused modernism – produces watches and jewelry, objects for the home, silver and glass wear and elegant gifts. Every item produced by the company is distinguished by its ability to synthesize classic aesthetics with cutting edge design, resulting in new generation heirlooms that retain their classic style and elegance.

Born in 1866 in Raadvad, Denmark, a town just outside Copenhagen, Georg Jensen was the son of a knife grinder. When he was 14 he moved to Copenhagen to study goldsmithing, where his affinity for the artistic soon emerged. Once completing his apprenticeship, Jensen pursued study as a sculptor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1892 with a collection of clay works that were well received critically.

Bringing together his background in fine and applied arts, Jensen began working with porcelain manufacturer Bing & Grøndahl before establishing a small pottery workshop with Christian Peterson. While Jensen’s work was coveted, he ultimately swapped ceramics for metalwork, a more lucrative industry at the time. He studied silversmithing with master Mogens Ballin and eventually opened his own silversmithy in 1904.

Jensen was a visionary with a distinct sense of his times. He embraced the bourgeoning Art Nouveau movement creating pieces that merged his vast artisanal skills with the joie de vivre of the day. His first piece of jewelry, a belt buckle made in 1899, signaled the beginning of the success that was yet to come. Referencing traditional crafts, Jensen’s designs were both expertly detailed and contemporary, quickly gaining the attention of the elite. By the end of the 1920s, he had unveiled stores in Berlin, London, and New York. A George Jensen vase and George Jensen silver are two products of notoriety for the designer.

Today, the Georg Jensen brand continues to push the design envelope whilst keeping its rich legacy intact. The global company works with a small pool of unique and talented designers who each introduce a sophisticated aesthetic using the exceptional methods of Danish metalwork and production. With company values dedicated to simplicity, elegance, integrity, and inspiration originating from the natural world, the art and design of over 55 unique designers continues the excellence of the master himself, and brings his revolutionary artistry to a new generation.
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