Nest Lounge Chair

Nest is a lounge chair with a surrounding shell, making a cosy "nest" for the user. An iconic Autoban design, Nest is a statement piece that offers a sense of privacy. Designed by Autoban and manufactured by De La Espada for the Autoban brand.

Available in painted HDF with an eggshell finish in a choice of colours black, white, beige, or brown and a range of fabrics. RAL codes are 9005, 9016, 1015, and 8019 respectively.

26" W x 33 1/2" D x 56 7/10" H

Seat height: 14 4/7"

Seat depth: 16 7/8"

Seat width: 24 4/5"

Back cushion diameter: 19 2/3"

Arm height from floor: 19"

Arm height from seat: 4 1/3"

Please note: Nest is made of several components and features numerous joint lines under the paint. To prevent damage, it is important to handle the chair as a whole with care, and to avoid forcing specific components or dragging the chair across the floor.


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  • Nest Lounge Chair

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