The Synthesis Monolith

The Synthesis Monolith Mirror is a singular piece by Holland-based designer Hongie Yang. Merging sculpture and design, the conceptual mirror explores concepts of technology, extra terrestrial life and the juxtaposition of the machine made and the organic.

Like all of Yang’s intricate, exquisitely formed pieces, the Synthesis Monolith Mirror can take a moment to decode. Upon first glance, the piece appears naturally formed, but closer inspection shows that technology has also played a role in its creation. Made with Aluminum and bronze, the one-of-a-kind piece pairs sharp lines with a rubble-like texture that appears to fall away, like a relic from another planet. According to Yang this combination is designed to “inspire awe and present a mystical form in which both naturally grown and machine-processed materials and textures seamlessly coexist.”
Aluminium and bronze.

W 8" x D 13.75" x H 57"

One of a kind.

Made in the Netherlands, 2016.

Price upon request.
  • The Synthesis Monolith

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