Aura Chimes

The Aura Chimes are a project by Ladies & Gentleman Studio in Seattle exploring sound and kinetics. Metal, wood, and leather components are combined and accented with handmade ceramic pieces by Seattle artist Nicholas Nyland to create miniature functional sculptures.

All chimes emit a soft, delicate, metallic ringing when activated by wind. They are designed for use under indoors or in covered outdoor locations.

Ceramic, metal, wood.

Aura Brass Bell Chime: 5" W x 12" H

Aura SIngle Ring Chime-Small: 10" D x 18" H

Aura Single Ring Chime-Medium: 15" D x 21" H

Aura Double Ring Chime: 15" L x 5" D x 21" H

Each chime is a unique creation with parts varying slightly in size and color from what is pictured.

Made in the United States.

Price may change depending on options below.

This product has a delivery estimate of 2-4 weeks.

Aura Double Ring Chime Aura Double Ring Chime
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