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A set of handmade wooden vessels in elm, natural and ebonized chestnut. The three different designs work as a group, or as individual pieces. The medium size version has a neatly fitting lid, and the tall version has a hole in the bottom and an optional lining for potential use as a vase. The knots and lines are particularly noticeable on the surface. They are beautifully crafted by the hand of the designer, in her workshop in the Pyrenees, France.

Part of SCP Editions, a collection celebrating SCP's 30 year anniversary. Founder Sheridan Coakley couldn't resist the temptation to create some unconventional products, things more like conceptual propositions than objects of mass production. The resulting collection is called SCP Editions, or things we might not otherwise have made.

These objects acknowledge the history SCP has of working with those who are perhaps closer to being artists than designers, and the interplay between the two disciplines which has been in evidence throughout time.
Elm and Chestnut

Box: 6 1/3" L x 6 1/3" D x 6 1/3" H

Bowl: 15" L x 15" D x 3 1/2" H

Vase: 7" L x 7" D x 10 2/3" H

Each SCP Edition is numbered and signed by the designer.

Made in the United Kingdom.

Price may change depending on options below.

Pyxis Elm Box Pyxis Elm Box
Pyxis Chestnut Bowl Pyxis Chestnut Bowl
Pyxis Ebonized Chestnut Vase Pyxis Ebonized Chestnut Vase
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