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Resin-Bonded Sand Vessel 32

Resin-Bonded Sand Vessel 32

The Resin-Bonded Sand series was conceived through extensive work in the bronze casting process. Bonded sand was alway around. Typically it is used for it’s intended purposed and discarded. It is a material essential to the production process of objects, artwork or furniture but it never had the opportunity to be the object, artwork or furniture itself. It is a temporary, disposable, beige, ordinary, boring material. Maybe one step more desirable than dirt but even less useful.

The bonded sand has enough structure to stay in place during casting but it is brittle enough to be easily broken away with a hammer to remove the cast part. Haulenbeek discovered that it can be very easily carved and shaped, and with the addition of the right resin he could create very structural and surprisingly thin objects. The resin penetrates the sand only slightly and once cured retains the look and feel of sand with a new strength and hardness.

The forms of the vessels reference organic natural forms like cactuses or coral. The furniture pieces become miniature architecture carved chambers of various sizes with doorways and corridors passing between each of them.
Resin-bonded sand.

L 10.4" x D 10.5" x H 7.5"

One of a kind.

Made in the United States.

  • Resin-Bonded Sand Vessel 32

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