Splat Lilac

By Martyn Thompson Studio

$400.00 Per yard

Evoking the haphazard beauty of the painter's studio, this large scale repeat is full of paint splashes, splats and spills. A cool, neutral background is punctuated by softly colored paint splatters in this lively accent fabric. From Martyn Thompson Studio in New York, “The Accidental Expressionist” is a collection of fabrics and murals that celebrates the creative process and the potential of unseen details. The incidental marks of the artist; paint splatters, stains and specks, are elevated and transformed into woven fabrics that speak to the beauty of unconscious creation. The paint-blotted surfaces left behind from Thompson’s creative endeavors have been collected and photographed; these images have then been woven in 100% cotton on a jacquard loom to form abstract fabrics that are exuberant and expressive of the designer’s hand. For use across numerous applications, including soft furnishings, wall upholstery or upholstery.

Splat Lilac

By Martyn Thompson Studio

$400.00 Per yard

4-6 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications

Lead Time

4-6 Weeks


United States


Made to Order


Fine jacquard tapestry, 100% cotton.


Roll Width: 64"

Repeat: 6 Yards

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