Chainsaw Chair

By Charles De Lisle

$30,400.00 Set of 2

The Chainsaw Chair is part of a collection made in west Marin County, California, designed by Charles de Lisle. The size and form of the chairs are derived from each specific found slab of rare 900 year old-growth redwood, salvaged from the Sonoma Coast. Each element of the chair is carved out of a single, solid piece of redwood then chainsaw carved by a veteran artist and patinated with black dye, a surface coat of beeswax is hand brushed to create the final sheen. The work emulates that of the 1970’s Bay Area artist JB Blunk, who sculpted in local wood found in Marin County CA. Charles refences the construction methods, but imagines the shapes in his own language assembling elegant, simple forms with complex joinery and subtle hand-carved detail. This chair is one of a unique pair.

Chainsaw Chair

By Charles De Lisle

$30,400.00 Set of 2


4-6 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications

Lead Time

4-6 Weeks


United States


Limited Edition


Edition of 2.


900 year old-growth Redwood.


L 33" x W 35.5" x H 33"

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