Ceniza Chair

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Ceniza Chair

EWE Studio


Carved by hand and assembled by a master cabinetmaker, the Ceniza Chair consists of three legs, a leather seat and an iconic backrest. Its wooden black leather upholstered seat is attached to the three legs using an ancient technique called Espiga Vista, which allows the joints to resist the heat of fire. Once assembled, the chair is burnt to eliminate all moisture and to seal the white oak wood, a process that gives the tonality and final texture to the piece. The Alquimia collection comprises of three functional and sculptural objects; Ceniza Chair, Humo Table and Magma Light. The element of fire has played a significant role in the transformation of all three pieces. It altered and changed the characteristics of the materials involved – wood, steel and glass – in the manufacturing process, generating fascinating textures and a mesmerizing depth of color. In this collection, EWE celebrates uncertainty and ambiguity, while trusting an intuition for experimenting with shape, materiality, balance and fire.

14-16 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications


EWE Studio

Lead Time

14-16 Weeks




Made to Order


Burnt White Oak and Black Leather.


L 22.5" x W 20.5" x H 31.5"


18 lbs.

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