Humo Table

EWE Studio


Characterized by visual balance, the 2.6 meter long dining table achieves its shape from the counterweight formed of a large piece of black Orizaba marble stone. The marble creates the necessary weight to support the steel structure, which is then attached to the burnt countertop. The marble stone is obtained directly from the quarry in one piece, specifically chosen by the studio according to its weight, size and character. The natural shape of the marble is the result of the environmental conditions of the mountain, giving a unique personality to each table. The burning of the two inch thick wooden countertop is done through a Japanese technique known as Yakisugi. The process is carried out with the objective to seal the wood and protect it, giving it a distinctive color and texture. The Alquimia collection comprises of three functional and sculptural objects; Ceniza Chair, Humo Table and Magma Light. The element of fire has played a significant role in the transformation of all three pieces. It altered and changed the characteristics of the materials involved – wood, steel and glass – in the manufacturing process, generating fascinating textures and a mesmerizing depth of color. In this collection, EWE celebrates uncertainty and ambiguity, while trusting an intuition for experimenting with shape, materiality, balance and fire.

Humo Table

EWE Studio


14-16 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications

Lead Time

14-16 Weeks




Limited Edition


Orizaba Black Marble, Burnt White Oak, Steel.


L 102.3" x W 43.3" x H 29.5"

Also available with an oval top, please inquire directly.


880 lbs.

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