Fragments Side Table Circle Insert

By Lex Pott

Fragments Side Table Circle Insert

By Lex Pott


Nature and geometry are at the nexus of the Fragments collection. From one extreme, found looking rocks are intersected by polished planes. At the other extreme, completely finished stone is fragmented by different marbles and colors. Fragments was conceived at the quarry, where irregular and organically shaped boulders are being transformed into perfect industrial geometry. The initial interpretation of this juxtaposition between the original rock and the finished products, is in the group of work where rough found boulders are intersected with planes of perfectly finished and honed machine parts. The dining table with round mountain, constructed of Belgian Bluestone is an example of this idea.
From this point more subtle variations in concept occur. This is the case for the cross base dining table and coffee table. The idea came from watching the process of turning raw blocks of stone into slabs to be used as surface. By utilizing the quality of the end slab, both an irregular surface and a polished plane appear. The irregular surface creates a texture that invisibly becomes a technical joint for the base, constructed from two regularly finished slabs, and cut from the same block.

Technical Specifications


Lex Pott


The Netherlands


One of a Kind




Belgium Hardstone.


L 24" x W 24" x H 28"

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