Partera Chair

EWE Studio

Price Upon Request

For the creation of Partera chair, EWE Studio looked deep into the past and found its inspiration from the shape of a birthing chair commonly used in Mexico, while making their own abstraction. The chair sits low with integrity on top of its two base legs, the dramatic character and expression is the result of a radical volume that holds a wide horizontal extended seat intersected by a long perpendicular backrest. The chair is embracing the combination of curved and angular surfaces. The shapes and textures are carved by hand and finished on its surface with an irregular sculpt skin, built out of oak wood with chisel and chainsaw by the expert hands and from there casted into bronze. Finally, the bronze has been patinad to give it a deep, dark, rich color. The result is simple yet dramatic. This one-of-a-kind bronze version of the Partera chair by EWE Studio is especially created for Future Perfect ‘The Chair’ show.

Partera Chair

EWE Studio

Price Upon Request

Technical Specifications


EWE Studio




One of a Kind




Patina bronze


L 47.25" x W 29.5" x H 47.25"


400 lbs

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