Trident Table

By Floris Wubben

Price Upon Request

Floris Wubben has expanded on his Pressed project with new large-scale tables and planters that exemplify a mastery of his process and technical capability as well as the artfulness of the machine-made. Floris Wubben’s Pressed project depicts a harmony in which machines and humans work co-dependently to produce an object. The pieces in the collection are created with an extrusion machine of Wubben's own development, the pressure employed in the process emphasizes the role of human action. The movement of the presser in conjunction with the choice of profiles dictates the appearance and form of the final object. Because of this distinctive craftsmanship, each unique work can be seen as the product of combined handmade and mechanical production.

Trident Table

By Floris Wubben

Price Upon Request

Technical Specifications


Floris Wubben


The Netherlands


One of a Kind




Glazed ceramic


Dia. 20" x H 23"

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