By John Hogan

John Hogan’s latest glass collection showcases the artist’s ability to transform a prosaic material into something far more provocative, innovative and dynamic. Consisting of a range of objects, vessels and sculptures, the collection employs a number of expert glass making techniques, including traditional blowing, hot sculpting and a combination of the two.

All of Hogan’s pieces involve rich, experimental color ways and cold working, which is the cutting and polishing process. Two objects within the collection, including the Oyster Mushroom piece, employ a newly developed color glaze. As evidenced in this collection, Hogan’s process involves traditional Eastern European influenced casting and cutting, juxtaposed against experimental, almost otherworldly innovations that elevate simple glass pieces into richly hued, transformative talismans.


By John Hogan

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John Hogan

Lead Time

2-4 Weeks


United States


One of a Kind


Hot cast glass, cold worked.


W 7" x D 2" x H 7"

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