In Between

By Michael Anastassiades


In Between is a powerful, fully dimmable uplighter consisting of two identical aluminum discs separated by a transparent glass tube. The upper disc appears floating, elegantly projecting the light up. Running along the middle of the tube is a thin cable that expresses the power source of the light, a subtle reference to the famous Bauhaus table lamp designed by Willem Wagenfeld in 1924. Please note that In Between will ship November 2019.

In Between

By Michael Anastassiades


Technical Specifications


United Kingdom


Made to Order




Polished aluminium and clear glass. Black braided flex, inline switch.


Dia 9.84" x H 50.19"




Before cleaning, lighting fixtures must be turned off and unplugged from mains electricity. Whilst cleaning them please be extremely careful and use the white cotton gloves provided in the product box.

Polished aluminium: Use a lightly damp soft dust cloth and gently go over marks until clean. Dry it afterwards with a soft dust cloth. Make sure the product is completely dry before switching the electricity on.

Clear glass: Using a lightly damp cloth, clean the glass and dry it with a dry soft dust cloth.


Integrated LED, 30W

2800 Lumens / 2700 Kelvin

Input voltage: 120V / 240V

Maximum wattage: 30W

Dimmable. Provided with 2500mm cord set.


Available April 2020

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