Pill Mirror, 2023

By Chen Chen & Kai Williams


Pill Mirror, 2023

By Chen Chen & Kai Williams



Chen Chen and Kai Williams have skillfully combined contrasting elements and materials to create a truly captivating collection of mirrors. Known as the Transition Mirrors, their name is inspired by the classification of silver as a "transition metal." These mirrors are meticulously crafted through a unique process, where a silver nitrate solution is carefully poured onto clear glass, creating a chemical bond with its surface. The defining feature of these mirrors lies at the contoured edge of the silver, where a deliberate point of fragility exists. This intentional design choice results in a moment of delicate beauty, adding an extraordinary touch to the overall construction.

4-6 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications

Lead Time

4-6 Weeks


United States


One of a Kind




Various Stones, Glass, Steel.


W 20" x D 1.5" x H 50"


Avoid using solvents to clean the back of the mirror and be cautious while dusting to prevent scratching the lacquer, which may become visible from the front.

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Transition Mirrors