Alkahest Candlesticks

By Kristin Victoria Barron


Named after the Renaissance alchemist Paracelsus’ theoretical Alkahest material, this collection is inspired by the artist's dream of a monolithic gothic cathedral, melting from the inside out. The dream’s basis in molten material informed the collection’s forms. Barron was able to give form to each object unique, organic shape through an elaborate process of melting wax, carving, flaming, re-carving and silicone molding. She then casts her work in bronze which offers natural spaces for Barron to inset cabochon garnets. Each finished piece is patinated, stamped and numbered.

Alkahest Candlesticks

By Kristin Victoria Barron


12-14 Weeks Lead-Time


Technical Specifications

Lead Time

12-14 Weeks


United States


Limited Edition


Edition of 100.


Patinated cast bronze.


01: L 2.5" x W 2" x H 9"

02: L 2.75" x W 2" x H 9.5"

03: L 2" x W 1" x H 4"

04: L 2" x W 2" x H 5"

05: L 2.5" x W 2.5" x H 5.5"