Moonmilk I

By Elly Glossop


Blurring the boundaries between perceptions of the psyche, Elly’s work explores the ethereal qualities of clay, through which a universe materialises based on formations found throughout the natural world. By simulating and recreating textural elements imprinted on her subconscious, they manifest into otherworldly forms and artefacts. These forms are often a visual exploration of time and the temporal nature of existence. Using the fluidity of porcelain in a range of states, she explores the relationship between what is real - and what is imagined in a series of oneiric scapes relating to a specific subject or phenomenon.‘Moonmilk’ is a work which conceals and reveals itself as an internal cosmos of growth. Made with recycled porcelain and volcanic glass fragments, it is a dialogue between antipodes; the internal vs external, the formed vs the unformed, the static vs dynamic. This tactile work allows the viewer to explore the tacit connection between form and essence. Elly Glossop is based in Copenhagen. Her practice is currently based in her studio, which acts as a laboratory where she experiments and pushes her practice forward.

Moonmilk I

By Elly Glossop



4-6 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications


Elly Glossop

Lead Time

4-6 Weeks




One of a Kind






Dia. 9.5" x H 12"


22 lbs.