Tie-Dye Blue Collection

By Laura Seymour


Ceramicist Laura Seymour has created a set of dinnerware made of white stoneware and inspired by a spiral tie-dyes she made in collaboration with hers and Jackson’s two sons Everett and Flynn. The element of surprise became the source of joy; the metamorphosis of something quite ordinary such as a plain white t-shirt or plate, to quite brilliant transpires after both processes.  The surprise of opening the fabric after dying is not unlike the moment of opening the kiln after the glaze fire. Both processes are thoughtful and deliberate, but the results are ultimately unpredictable and not replicable. There is intention, an order, and a process, but in the end, the results are somewhat left to chance. The irregularities accentuate the handmade uniqueness of each piece.

Tie-Dye Blue Collection

By Laura Seymour


6-10 Weeks Lead-Time


Technical Specifications


Laura Seymour

Lead Time

6-10 Weeks


United States


Made to Order




White stoneware, glaze.


Dinner plate: Dia 10.75"
Small (Salad/Dessert) plate: Dia 8"
Bowl: Dia 7" x H 2"
Cup: Dia 3.5" x H 3.8"

The set includes 8 x 4 Pieces (8 Dinner Plates, 8 Salad Plates, 8 Soup Bowls, 8 Cups).

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