Floating Forest – Cone

By Michael Anastassiades


The Floating Forest series is evocative the designers signature minimalist design. The hand-made brass planter sits delicately on the rim of a glass while suspending the seed above the surface, facilitating growth. The designer was inspired by an acorn vase by Estrid Ericson, and fell in love the simple poetry of an object of that nature. "I became obsessed with the simple idea of suspending a seed on the surface of water; submerged, just to the right level for it to germinate. All with the possibility of being able to support itself in the absence of soil, that would allow it to stand upright; exposed, all in clear view.” - Michael Anastassiades.

Floating Forest – Cone

By Michael Anastassiades


14-16 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications

Lead Time

14-16 Weeks


United Kingdom


Made to Order




Polished brass.

Please note that glass and seed are not included.


Dia 3.5"