David Taylor Container

By David Taylor


Silversmith David Taylor’s new pieces for The Future Perfect introduce an industrial, futuristic aesthetic that plays with form, texture and functionality. Born in Scotland and now Based in Stockholm, Taylor’s new designs for The Future Perfect include a mix of candlesticks, furniture, mirrors and lighting. The container is composed of an aluminum top piece that has been subjected to high temperatures which allowed the surface to become liquid without letting the structure collapse and the copper patinated foot. Limited edition of 5.

David Taylor Container

By David Taylor


18-20 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications


David Taylor

Lead Time

18-20 Weeks


One of a Kind


Aluminum and copper.


D 6.75" x H 6" / D 6.75" x H 10" 

Containers at David Taylor's 'All of the Above' show at the New York gallery, 2015