Stratum III

By Jongjin Park

Stratum III

By Jongjin Park


Park, one of South Korea’s most exciting artists, has spent the better part of four years developing the Artistic Stratum series. This singular technique involves merging everyday kitchen paper towels with traditional porcelain slip to create richly layered millefeuille-like vessels. Evincing a sense of irony and play though opposing materials, the artist pushes back against tradition and convention: sturdy yet ethereal; prosaic yet otherworldly. Park, who completed his masters at Cardiff Metropolitan University, has previously been focused on the Korean porcelain Moonjar traditions. Studies in the United Kingdom provided the artists with a new context, which revealed an interest in ubiquitous, everyday materials. “On one hand,” explains the artist, “clay is eco-friendly, inexpensive and tactile. On the other hand, the material can only achieve certain forms and proportions, due to firing constraints. One has to master the nuances of ceramics; how different variations react. These limitations are motivating. Challenging set rules lets me work freely.” Park is currently pursing a PHD at Kookmin University, Seoul.
Courtesy of J. Lohmann Gallery.

Technical Specifications


Jongjin Park


South Korea


One of a Kind




Tissue Paper and Porcelain with color stain.


L 5.5" x W 5" x H 6"

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