Tappeto 001

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Dimoremilano's rugs are pieces of art in their own right. Bold, colorful and ineffably glamorous, each one exemplifies the house’s already-iconic blend of style, art and fashion.
This small, curated selection of rugs reflects the studio’s ability to synthesize diverse materials, eras and textures. Contemporizations of baroque and Persian carpets give a room a completely different context; others present bold monochrome and contemporary motifs, which draw the eye in and play with proportion and perspective. Each weave is of the highest quality, many featuring one-of-a-kind details such as metallic inserts, vivid scoring and bold, thick seams.

Tappeto 001

Price Upon Request

Technical Specifications


Made to Order




Hand-knotted rug in bamboo silk.


W 125.2" x D 193.3"

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