60 x 60 Ria – 0281 Cushion

Raf Simons for Kvadrat


The use of colour in Ria takes inspiration from Pointillism, the painterly technique through which vibrant fields of colour are built up through the application of pure pigment in precise, individual dots. Each of Ria’s colourways brings together three tones of yarn. The base of the textile is made up of a thinner, single toned yarn, through which are woven two colours of thicker yarn to create a subtly textured dotting of colour across the surface.
Softer colourways include a duck egg blue ground with tones of primrose and golden yellow; stone with winter white and lavender; and natural wool with dusty pink and pine green. Similar tones play out across darker variations of Ria, which are woven with a charcoal base. Bolder versions of both paler and darker colourways incorporate yarns in a true orange and cobalt blue.
As with the optic mixture created by the Pointillists, the fragmented colours of Ria created a subtle shimmering effect, which is emphasised by the use of viscose. Continuing the exploration of three-dimensional texture found throughout the Kvadrat/Raf Simons collection, Ria has an inviting rough texture.

60 x 60 Ria – 0281 Cushion

Raf Simons for Kvadrat


6-10 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications

Lead Time

6-10 Weeks




Made to Order




Composition: 84% new wool, 12% viscose, 4% nylon.

Yarn type: Worsted

Binding: Complex weave.

Repeat: None

Abrasion: Approximately 50.000 Martindale rubs, EN ISO 12947

Pilling: Note 4, EN ISO 12945

Lightfastness: Note 7, ISO 105-B02

Flame resistance: EN 1021-1/2, BS 5852 part 1, NF D 60 013, UNI 9175 1IM, US Cal. Bull. 117-2013, IMO FTP Code 2010 Part 8, BS 5852 Crib 5 (with flame retardant treatment).


L 23.6" x W 23.6"


Vacuuming and dry cleaning.

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