Grey 2B1G – Medium

By Héctor Esrawe, Emiliano Godoy and Brian Thoreen with Nouvel Studio for VISSIO


2B1G (2 Bars one Glass) represents an evolution of the Precarious series which conceptually hinges on the beauty and anxiety provoked by glass balancing precipitously on rectilinear metallic bases. Through formal interplay of rigidity with elevated fragility, the piece highlights the materials’ physical properties. In this new iteration of the series, the team has reimagined the scale of Precarious with glass hugging steel-plate bases for table-top presentation. 2B1G Much in the spirit of Vissio’s collaborative approach, pieces in the 2B1G series rely on collective participation to maintain stability. There are no fasteners or glue holding the piece’s elements together. It’s the balance of forces that allows the piece to be more than the sum of its parts. 2B1G is available in three different sizes. Each work features a glass vessel floating on a two-part hand-patinated steel base. 
Each model of 2B1G is limited to an edition of 20 plus 2 studio proofs.

Technical Specifications






Limited Edition


Edition of 20 + 2 Studio Proofs.


Blown Glass in Neutral Grey, Hot Rolled Steel plate.


L 11" x W 12" x H 8"

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