Ball Bearing Side Table

By Bari Ziperstein

Ziperstein is an accomplished artist whose work has been featured in one-person and thematic exhibitions in museums and private galleries alike, and is also the founder and creative director of BZippy & Co, an acclaimed production pottery studio.
Ziperstein is most inspired to produce innovative ceramics with gravity defying scale that are intended to take up space. Her latest collection is based on the extrusion of a clay tube, a symbol that is most commonly known in an industrial capacity, rather than an artistic one. She has taken the tube in its most recognized form - one that suggests pipes, factories and industrial architecture - and rendered it soft, bent and beautified, aiming to surprise and invite the viewer in. Ultimately, the work that results from this process shouldn’t hold up from an engineering perspective, yet each does.

Ball Bearing Side Table

By Bari Ziperstein


2-4 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications


Bari Ziperstein

Lead Time

2-4 Weeks


United States


One of a Kind




Stoneware and glaze.


Dia 13" x H 19.5"

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