Glitch 1

By Christopher Stuart

Christopher Stuart describes his audacious Constructs and Glitches collection as “sculpture at furniture scale,” suggesting its conceptual nature and inherent aesthetic tension. As the name suggests, the collection is comprised of two disparate parts: Constructs, a collection of furniture-inspired pieces of manually distorted geometry; and Glitches, unusual computer distorted pieces that derive their forms from ‘glitches’ produced by the normally-precise CAD design software.

Constructs – consisting of two benches, and two coffee tables – allowed Christopher to deconstruct familiar ‘furniture’ archetypes. With items such as the Zigzag bench, offered in mirror polished stainless steel, he rearranged the forms to create imbalance. Depending on which angle it is viewed from, the bench goes from highly functional to sculptural and almost incongruous. Glitches, the more conceptual collection components, present the unintentional distortion of furniture forms. Drawing on Christopher's immersion in minimalism, conceptualism and constructivism, the pieces invite questions and lines of inquiry with their inherent design contradictions. By contrast to the constructs, the Glitches – such as a desk in blackened steel – embrace freak anomalies, appearing both organic and geometric in the process. Glitch 1 was acquired by the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 2017 for its permanent collection.

Glitch 1

By Christopher Stuart


Technical Specifications


United States


One of a Kind




Solid polished bronze with wax finish.


L 69" x W 22" x H 30.25"

Base: W 22" x L 22"


355 lbs