Hand Folded Lamp 3 – Steel


The Hand Folded Lamp Collection was first developed for a bakery and inspired by Piet Hein Eek's renewed interest in punching machines. A punching machine is a somewhat old-fashioned piece of equipment that is similar to a laser-cutting machine. Through the advent of modern machines, the punching machine has lost its favor due to its considerable limitations. Controlled by a computer, the punching machine punches the shape of the chosen design in the sheet rather than following a pattern which has been drawn. However, Piet found the machine's efficiency in punching exact, simple shapes offered him the solution he needed to cost-efficiently develop a series of lamps for his bakery project. "So why not design according to the possibilities that the machine and its tools offer?" - Piet Hein Eek

Hand Folded Lamp 3 – Steel


Technical Specifications




Made to Order


Steel, Brass, or Copper.


L 4.75" x W 4.75" x H 3.75"